IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — July 11, 2013


Dr. Collins provided updates on recent talks with the Henrietta Lacks Family regarding the recent sequencing of the HeLa genome. An overview of recent and upcoming Congressional action and visits was also provided.

Health Care System Collaboratory: Josie Briggs, Michael Lauer, and Catherine Meyers

Drs. Briggs (NCCAM), Lauer (NHLBI), and Meyers (NCCAM) provided an update on the Health Care System Collaboratory. The IC Directors discussed the relationship of the Collaboratory efforts with other ongoing activities, such as how to address consent in the standard of care research. There was also discussion of how this effort provides another avenue for gaining knowledge about how best to do clinical studies in addition to other existing models for clinical research.

Manuscript Clearance: Lawrence Tabak

Dr. Tabak provided an overview of the guidance for clearing manuscripts with IC Directors and OD Deputy Directors as authors. Discussion touched upon the importance of keeping communication channels with the OD open.

Sponsored Travel: Larry Tabak

Dr. Tabak provided an overview of the guidance for sponsored travel. IC Directors discussed the importance of considering individual judgment in cases of potentially sponsored travel, along with the regulations.

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