IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — July 9, 2015

H3Africa Update: Eric Green, Jennifer Troyer, Mark Guyer

Dr. Troyer (NHGRI) provided an overview of the vision and goals of the program, as well as an update on the progress and publications thus far. The discussion focused on the potential for collaborations, particularly clinical research collaborations, and partnership opportunities.

GTEx Update: Simona Volpi, Susan Koester, Kristin Ardlie

Drs. Volpi (NHGRI) and Ardlie (Broad Institute) provided a summary of the goals, data release and sample access, future/ongoing needs, pilot data results, deliverables, and publications. The discussion focused on the racial/ethnic and gender diversity within the population and the tissue types collected.

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins described the status of the 21st Century Cures bill. A brief update on the recent PMI workshop and briefing for President Obama also were provided. Dr. Collins discussed the recent SMRB meeting as well.

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