IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — June 25, 2015

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins described the visit by the Chinese Delegation and the meeting with AAU. The results of the recent appropriations discussions and the latest meetings with Congressional members also were discussed. Dr. Collins also provided a brief update on the Clinical Center/PDS response.

Basic/Translational/Clinical: Neil Shapiro, Sally Rockey, Walter Koroshetz, George Santangelo

Mr. Shapiro (OB) and Drs. Rockey (DDER), Koroshetz (NINDS), and Santangelo (DPCPSI/OPA) provided an overview of basic, translational, and clinical research supported by NIH, including a discussion on RCDC categorization and recent portfolio analyses. The discussion focused on the complications of the definitions, the trends in biomedical research, and the need to address reviewers’ and applicants’ expectations of what NIH expects.

ADDS Update: Phil Bourne

Dr. Bourne (ADDS) provided a summary of the redeveloped framework for the NIH-wide Strategic Plan. The discussion focused on providing feedback on the new framework and the path going forward.

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