IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — June 26, 2014


Dr. Collins provided summaries of the BIO meeting and Presidential briefing on genomics, personalized medicine, and big data. An overview of Congressional hearings and meetings in which NIH leadership were involved, as well as recent legislative efforts that impact the NIH, was given. Dr. Collins described the activities at NIH with LabTV, which will be interviewing early career intramural and extramural investigators about how they became interested in science to show the footprint of NIH-funded research.

WISER Survey Data/IC Diversity Report: Roderic Pettigrew and Hannah Valantine

Drs. Pettigrew (NIBIB) and Valantine (COSWD) provided an update of the Working towards creating an Inclusive and Supportive Environment for Research (WISER) survey data and response rate, and a summary of IC diversity challenges and potential solutions. The discussion centered on the importance of diversity in the workforce and the need for tracking outcomes.

Clinical Trials Data Sharing: Kathy Hudson

Dr. Kathy Hudson (DDSOP) presented a summary of NIH’s clinical trials statistics (e.g., budget, publications), and reviewed the NIH’s data sharing efforts as a result of the Clinical Trials Working Group recommendations. The discussion focused on compliance and data quality issues.

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