IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — June 27, 2013

Announcements: Francis Collins

IC Directors were updated on SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8. Updates were also provided regarding the IOM-CTSA Report, and recent interactions with Congressional members.

STEM Update: Lawrence Tabak

Dr. Tabak provided current status of FY 13 funding of K-12 STEM grants and contracts. Disposition of FY 14 funding of K-12 STEM programs remain undecided.

Reproducibility Initiative Updates: Story Landis

Dr. Landis provided update on NINDS’ efforts to facilitate reporting transparency to optimize the value of research. Current initiatives in this arena by AAAS Science Translation Medicine were discussed.

DRAFT Implementation Proposal to Redress Reproducibility Issues: Lawrence Tabak

Dr. Tabak shared the proposed recommendations developed by internal ad hoc group to address lack of reproducibility of published research findings. Dr. Tabak stressed the importance of convening relevant stakeholder communities to raise awareness around these issues.

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