IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — March 26, 2015

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins briefly discussed the ACD NLM working group’s progress and the upcoming 4th Annual Rx Drug Summit. Dr. Collins also provided summaries of recent Congressional hearings, as well as upcoming Congressional visits. Gratitude was expressed toward Drs. Lindberg (NLM) and Varmus (NCI), who are departing NIH.

Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Update: Kathy Hudson

Dr. Hudson (DDSOP) presented an update on the PMI, including the recent NIH workshop on precision medicine. She also provided details on the ACD working group charged with developing a plan for establishing the research cohort, and the IC Directors’ working group that will be working in concert with the ACD working group to coordinate internal planning and activities. The discussion focused on the potential impact of the PMI, and the processes and potentials going forward.

Common Fund — Center for Regenerative Medicine (CF-CRM): Jim Anderson, Chris Austin

Drs. Anderson (DPCPSI) and Austin (NCATS) discussed the ongoing activities (i.e., white papers, workshops) in the CRM and the details of two efforts with NEI and NCATS, including milestones and budget information. An overview of an external expert panel and a trans-NIH working group to coordinate these activities across NIH also were provided. The IC Directors discussed the connection between these programs and NIH reproducibility activities, as well as current Japanese efforts and industry interest in this space.

Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Update: Chris Austin, Petra Kaufmann

Drs. Austin and Kaufmann (NCATS) provided an update on the changes to the CTSA program, including pilot projects that are being implemented and methods to improve efficiency, collaboration, and recruitment. The IC Directors discussed potential approaches for collaboration across the NIH ICs.

Extramural Activities Working Group (EAWG) Update: Sally Rockey, Jon Lorsch

Drs. Rockey (DDER) and Lorsch (NIGMS) presented an update on the current EAWG activities. They provided information about the focus and progress of two subcommittees — 1. Developing efficient and sustainable funding policies, and 2. Decreasing the age for reaching research independence. The discussion focused on details of the subcommittees’ efforts and how to more effectively collaborate with the extramural community (particularly academic institutions and administrators).

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