IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — March 27, 2014


Dr. Collins mentioned the upcoming Porter Neuroscience Center dedication and neuroscience symposium. Various Congressional meetings, briefings, and hearings also were briefly discussed. Information on the recent Congressional Taskforce on Biomedical Research and Innovation meeting was provided as well.

House Appropriation Hearing Debrief: Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci, Gary Gibbons, Story Landis, and Harold Varmus

Drs. Collins (DIR), Fauci (NIAID), Gibbons (NHLBI), Landis (NINDS), and Varmus (NCI) provided an overview of the House Appropriation Hearing in which they participated. The discussion focused on the overall positive support for the NIH and specific items raised during the hearing.

U01 Grants Update: John Gallin and Sally Rockey

Drs. Gallin (CRC) and Rockey (DDER) provided an overview of the purpose, participating ICs, funding and resources, and the awards portfolio for the first grants cycle, as well as the participating ICs and number of applications for the second cycle. The discussion focused on the lessons learned from the first cycle and the role of the intramural investigators.

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