IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — March 28, 2013

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins provided general updates on the BRAIN Initiative and briefly covered other administrative matters regarding conferences and travel.

FNIH Prioritization: Kathy Hudson

Dr. Hudson presented an overview on the selection and establishment of successful partnerships, specifically research collaborations with FNIH. The presentation covered the history and purpose of the FNIH along with key concepts for a Memorandum of Understanding, NIH partnership criteria, and a discussion regarding new process for review of FNIH proposals.

Inclusion: Alan Guttmacher, Janine Clayton, and Meredith Temple-O’Connor

Drs. Guttmacher (NICHD) and Clayton (ORWH) with Ms. Temple-O’Connor provided background on the inclusion statute and policies; an overview of the new governance structure and guiding principles; goals; and rationale. The E-SIG Inclusion Purpose Statement was also provided, along with principles going forward. Presentations to multiple internal committees will be ongoing.

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