IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — May 14, 2015

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins briefly discussed the recent Congressional hearings, the formation of the NIH Caucus, and the Weicker Building Dedication. Dr. Collins also provided an overview of the draft 21st Century Cures legislation. Summaries of the upcoming PMI workshop and the Gabriella Miller Kids First Act progress were provided. Finally, Dr. Collins reviewed the results from the Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Climate Health Data Challenge Update: Linda Birnbaum, John Balbus

Drs. Birnbaum and Balbus (NIEHS) provided background on the Climate Health Data Challenge, as well as an update on its activities and collaborations. The discussion focused on areas where those ICs who are not involved can get involved.

KOMP2 Update: Eric Green, Jim Battey, Jim Anderson

Drs. Green (NHGRI), Battey (NIDCD), and Anderson (DPCPSI) presented an overview of the KOMP2 planning process and discussed two topics being considered. The discussion focused on the best path moving forward.

Poolesville Update: Larry Tabak

Dr. Tabak (DEPD) provided an update on the planning regarding the future of the Poolesville facility, as well as the proposed recommendations. The discussion centered on the potential implications of the recommendations.

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