IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — May 28, 2015

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins briefly discussed the recent Congressional visits and meetings. Dr. Collins also mentioned the Precision Medicine Initiative workshop that is being held May 28-29. A reminder to encourage staff to complete the Employee Viewpoint Survey also was provided. 

Physician-Scientist Recommendations: Sally Rockey, Sherry Mills

Drs. Rockey (DDER) and Mills (OER) provided an overview of the ACD Physician-Scientist Workforce Working Group report and recommendations. The proposed implementation plan also was described. The discussion focused on areas of concern and interest to the IC Directors. 

Cores Follow-Up: Jim Anderson, Sally Rockey

Drs. Anderson (DDPCPSI) and Rockey (DDER) presented an overview of the Core consolidation, including background, outcomes, and lessons learned. The recommendations and outcomes of a recent relevant workshop also were described. The discussion focused on the best path moving forward.

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