IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — May 29, 2014


Dr. Collins provided an overview of his trip to tour the Walk Again Project lab in Sao Paolo and his meeting with Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, whose team helped develop the thought-controlled, robotic exoskeleton that kicked a ball to launch the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. He also discussed the White House Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit, and the June Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD) meeting. Dr. Collins described the upcoming workshop on reproducibility, which will be held on June 2nd and is co-sponsored by NIH, Nature Publishing Group, and Science Magazine/AAAS.  

Clinical Center Governing Board (CCGB): Steve Katz

Dr. Katz (NIAMS) provided information on a group that will study and review the impact of various clinical protocols, including their utilization. The discussion centered on the timeline by which the group will report to the CCGB.   

AIDS Research Priorities: Jim Anderson and Larry Tabak

Dr. Anderson (DPCPSI) presented an overview of the charge to the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council, the process to address the charge, and the priority areas. The discussion focused on the portfolio analysis that will be performed and the next steps.

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