IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — May 8, 2014


Dr. Collins provided an update on the BRAIN initiative and the President’s Bioethics Commission, which will release a report on May 14 detailing the integration of ethics into neuroscience research. He also described the roundtable discussion, which kicked off the 21st Century Cures meetings, and various recent and upcoming Congressional meetings involving NIH leadership. Dr. Collins discussed the approaching confirmation hearing of Sylvia Burwell, nominee for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  

Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI): Roger Glass

Dr. Glass (FIC) provided information on MEPI – the goal of which is to build human capacity for health in Africa by strengthening the medical education system in an environment that values and nurtures research. Dr. Glass presented on the programmatic (PFAR and NIH) and linked awards (ICs and the Common Fund), citing specific examples. The discussion centered on further leveraging the next round of investments by broadening the partnering organizations and providing additional stability.   

Gulf Long-Term Follow-Up Study Update: Linda Birnbaum

Dr. Birnbaum (NIEHS) presented information on the background, timeline, cohort characteristics, preliminary observations and accomplishments, and proposed new efforts of the Gulf Long-Term Follow-Up study. The discussion focused on budgetary items.

Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) Update: Amy Patterson

Dr. Patterson (OSP) presented an overview of the review process for select gene transfer protocols.

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