IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — May 9, 2013

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins provided relevant updates on the SUPPORT Study and HeLa Cell Sequencing. Recent and upcoming Congressional visits to NIH were discussed. Dr. Collins expressed thanks to colleagues across ICs for coordination and participation in these visits. Additionally, Dr. Collins announced May 15th Senate Labor – HHS – Education Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing on NIH FY 2014 Budget.

Peer Review Updates: Richard Nakamura, Luci Roberts and Sally Rockey

Drs. Nakamura, Roberts and Rockey co-led presentation focused on Phase II of Peer Review Surveys.  Refinement to application length, new policies and overall satisfaction regarding Peer Review were summarized. The results of the Phase II Peer Review surveys indicated that majority of stakeholders are satisfied with most changes.

OppNet Update: Lawrence Tabak

An update on OppNet – Basic Behavioral and social Science Opportunity Network was presented by Dr. Tabak. Highlights of OppNet’s history and IC funding and management structure was provided.

Exploring New Approaches to Enhancing Peer Review : Lawrence Tabak

Dr. Tabak presented overview of the optimization of NIH’s Peer Review process. The discussion raised issues regarding the structure of Integrated Review Groups (IRGs) for ICs consideration. Internal working groups have convened with charge to review study sections and provide analysis of review group outputs.

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