IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — November 21, 2013


Dr. Collins provided updates on the Congressional budget committee and the FDA’s clearance of the sequencer. An overview of an upcoming review of the Common Fund processes was also provided.

H3Africa Update: Eric Green and Jane Peterson

Drs. Green (NHGRI) and Peterson (NHGRI) presented an update on the Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Initiative. The IC Directors discussed the initiative’s progress to-date, as well as future needs.

Genomic Medicine Implementation: Eric Green, Harold Varmus, Gary Gibbons, Teri Manolio, and Cashell Jaquish

Drs. Green (NHGRI), Varmus (NCI), Gibbons (NHLBI), Manolio (NHGRI), and Jaquish (NHLBI) provided an overview of current NIH genomic medicine projects, potential and perceived barriers to genomic medicine implementation, and proposed projects. Discussion touched upon the terminology, the need for patient protections, and the specifics of the proposed projects. 

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