IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — October 9, 2014


Dr. Collins provided an update on the Ebola activities, recent Congressional hearings and activities, and a meeting with the President of the United States. NIH governance and policies matters also were discussed.

Update on the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program: Chris Austin and Petra Kaufmann

Drs. Austin and Kaufmann (NCATS) presented an overview of the CTSA program, including its current program sites, how the IOM report and NCATS Advisory Council working group recommendations are being implemented, and the next steps. The discussion focused on leveraging existing networks, and enhancing clinical trials and communication.

Data Act/PMA Benchmarks/HHS Enterprise Risk Management: Colleen Barros

Colleen Barros (DDM/CFO) provided an update on the successful implementation of the DATA Act at HHS, the President’s Management Agenda and the Benchmarking Initiative, and the alignment of science and risk management. The discussion centered on the implementation process, the advantages to employing these activities, and the concerns the IC Directors had about specific items.

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