IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — September 26, 2013


Dr. Collins provided an overview of his participation in the Valley Fever Symposium. Updates on upcoming Congressional events and the progress of the CR negotiations also were provided.   

NIH Contract with the National Academies: Amy Patterson

Dr. Patterson (OD/OSP) presented an update on the projects and deliverables from the National Academies, as well as changes that will enhance the process. The IC Directors discussed the implications of the proposed changes.

Conflict of Interest: Sally Rockey

Dr. Rockey (DDER) provided an overview of how best to manage professional relationships in the extramural process. Discussion touched upon preventing the introduction of bias or the perception of bias into the process. 

Clinical Trials Working Group Recommendations: Kathy Hudson, Pamela McInnes, Jim Doroshow

Drs. Hudson (DDSOP), McInnes (NIDCR), and Doroshow (NCI) provided an overview of the NIH Clinical Trials Working Group, including the background, charge, roster, and resulting recommendations. The discussion focused on the impact to the ICs and potential questions that may arise. 

Update on Governmental Operations: Colleen Barros

Colleen Barros (DDM/CFO) provided an update on governmental operations and procedures.

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