IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — Thursday, June 21, 2018


Dr. Collins and Dr. Tabak briefly recapped the ACD meeting presentations. Dr. Collins announced an upcoming AI workshop on July 23. Dr. Collins announced OLPA plans to redesign the CJ format along a theme of “From Inspiration to Innovation” for FY2020.

Capital Equipment Fund

Dr. Katz presented the capital equipment fund proposal for approval.

U01 Opportunities for Collaboration with the Clinical Center

Dr. John Gallin presented the evaluation report of the U01-clinical center extramural grant collaborations, which was overall positive. There will be outreach to IDEA state PIs. The group discussed issues to resolve such as credentialing procedures, and terms to consider in the development of the next FOA.

Strategic Plan Template

Dr. Jim Anderson talked about the development of a new template design for strategic plans beginning January 2019. This included discussion of questions about where IC achievements fit into the strategic plan template, and how all ICs will need to use the elements of the template in their plans going forward.

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