What AMP Alzheimer’s Disease 2.0 Partners Are Saying

Alzheimer’s Association

“Through our latest funding commitment, the Alzheimer’s Association is enthusiastic about being a full partner in AMP AD 2.0 and has great expectations for future treatments emerging from this effort. The Association is committed to diversifying the number and types of treatments available for Alzheimer’s and other dementia, and this requires fostering diversity in the drug development pipeline - through working with and supporting both academic and industry scientists, and through engagement in collaborations such as AMP AD 2.0 that enable the partners to do work on a larger scale than we could do individually. This project clearly demonstrates that increased federal funding for Alzheimer’s research - due largely to Alzheimer’s Association-led advocacy - is being applied in the best and fastest way possible to benefit people living with Alzheimer’s today and in the future. Diversity, equity and inclusion are a priority for the Alzheimer’s Association. We actively encouraged the inclusion of diverse populations in AMP AD 2.0. We are pleased that the NIH/FNIH and the other project partners are also committed to equity in research and reducing health-related disparities.”

-Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer’s Association


“At Eisai, we believe collaboration is crucial in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and we are proud to partner with leading organizations from the public, nonprofit and private sectors as part of Accelerating Medicines Partnership 2.0 for Alzheimer’s disease. Making a difference for patients, their families and health care professionals around the globe is at the heart of our human health care mission and has driven more than 30 years of research, development and commercialization of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.”

-Ivan Cheung, Chairman, Eisai Inc. and Global President, Neurology Business Group, Eisai Co., Ltd.

Gates Ventures

“Nearly 40 million people around the world suffer with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and yet so much remains unknown about the disease. Deepening our understanding of the disease at the molecular level and across diverse populations is an enormous undertaking—but critical to achieving the therapeutic breakthroughs we need. The AMP AD collaboration is leading the way in this effort and in ensuring the data, methods, and results are open and accessible.”

Niranjan Bose, Ph.D., Managing Director of Health & Life Sciences at Gates Ventures


“We at Takeda are passionate about advancing research to develop transformative therapies for patients suffering from degenerative diseases that presently have no disease-modifying treatment. By supporting the Accelerating Medicines Partnership for Alzheimer’s disease, along with the National Institutes of Health and academic and industry leaders, we will bring transformative medical innovations to Alzheimer’s disease patients and their caretakers, who are so greatly in need of life-changing therapies.”

Steve Hitchcock, Ph.D., Head of Research, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

This page last reviewed on March 2, 2021