What AMP PD partners are saying


“Parkinson’s disease is a complex, progressive and heterogeneous disease, which is particularly difficult to treat,” said Rupert Vessey, President of Research and Early Development, Celgene Corporation. “Since every person is unique, a targeted approach may have the potential to bring highly effective therapies and high-value care to patients with this disease. The investments needed to discover and develop these life-enhancing medicines can substantially improve health outcomes, and reduce the cost of failing to appropriately target treatment, estimated to be tens of billions of dollars every year.”

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

“The AMP PD Knowledge Platform is an invaluable resource for the Parkinson’s research community. Bringing these robust data sets together into a single, harmonized platform exponentially increases their potential to contribute to new biomarkers and therapies for Parkinson’s disease,” said Todd Sherer, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.


“Pfizer is proud to be funding this important effort, and hopeful the data generated in AMP PD will help the entire research community develop new treatments for this devastating disease.” Robert Bell, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer.


“We are excited to partner with other scientific leaders across the health care sector to advance the understanding of Parkinson’s disease,” said Tanya Fischer, MD, PhD, Global Project Head of Parkinson’s Disease and Rare Neurology, Sanofi R&D. “We look forward to working together to help identify and validate new therapeutic targets and develop biomarkers to improve clinical trial design, with the goal being to accelerate the development of new treatment options for patients affected by this devastating disease.”


“Our team at Verily is pleased to contribute to the development and deployment of the Knowledge Portal, and we look forward to its use in advancing Parkinson’s Disease understanding and treatment,” stated Jessica L. Mega, MD, MPH, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Verily. “By building on the Terra platform (terra.bio), a scalable and secure platform for biomedical research, AMP PD is furthering the vision of scalable collaborative science. Authorized research teams can reproduce and build on each other’s analyses of AMP PD data, and can cross-analyze AMP PD data with data from other large biomedical cohorts.”

This page last reviewed on November 22, 2019