How to Evaluate Trustworthiness in Science

These days, anyone can write or talk about science and health topics, no matter how much or how little about the topic they actually know. Here are some questions we’ve put together to help you evaluate a source of information.

Explaining How Research Works

A resource to help science and health communicators put the process of science into perspective and explain why science changes over time.

A Checklist for Communicating Science and Health Research to the Public

A list of strategies for communicating science and health research to the public.

The Challenges of Understanding and Communicating Health Risks

A one-page guide to help put health risks into perspective, whether you’re describing the results of a study to the public or potential treatments to a patient.

Understanding Clinical Studies

A one-page guide to clarify the different kinds of clinical studies, explain why researchers use them, and touch a little on their strengths and weaknesses.

This page last reviewed on June 11, 2024