Announcement: August 30, 2022

First Public-Use Version of Echo-Wide Cohort Data Now Available

The ECHO Program is excited to announce that de-identified new and extant ECHO data is now available through the Data and Specimen Hub (DASH). DASH is a centralized resource established by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) that allows researchers to share and access de-identified data from studies via a controlled-access mechanism.

The ECHO-wide Cohort combines 69 cohorts across the U.S. and allows researchers to access information from a large and diverse population of children followed from the prenatal period through adolescence. This first public-use version of ECHO-wide Cohort data covers information collected on 41,299 participants and provides a valuable resource for the scientific community. This momentous step fulfills both a key strategic goal of the ECHO Program and an obligation to U.S. taxpayers for their investment in our research.

Researchers can now request access to these data by creating a DASH account and submitting a Data Request Form. The NICHD DASH Data Access Committee will review the request and provide a response in approximately two to three weeks. Once granted access, researchers will be able to use the data for three years. See the DASH Tutorial for more detailed information on the process.

This page last reviewed on June 20, 2024