Frequently Asked Questions — ECHO Measurement Core, RFA-OD-22-020

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1. Is there a recommended Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for PIs?

The FTE for the PIs should be commensurate with their effort on the study.

2. How does the Measurement Core relate to the ECHO Cohort consortium as a whole?

The Measurement Core will develop and refine measures for the ECHO Cohort Protocol including methods to implement the measures; assist all ECHO Cohort Study Sites, Cores, and Centers in implementing and evaluating the ECHO Cohort Protocol; and lead strategic decision-making to incorporate new and revised measures to advance ECHO Cohort science while moderating participant and staff burden.

3. Is the Measurement Core responsible for developing the preconception section of the Protocol?

Yes. The Measurement Core will lead development of a preconception section of the protocol in collaboration with other ECHO Cohort consortium investigators, to be completed within the first 6 months of award. It will also lead development of new, validated, and reproducible measures to support revisions of the ECHO Cohort Protocol, as needed.

4. Is the Measurement Core responsible for developing and refining collection of biospecimens?

No. The Laboratory Core will lead development or revision — in collaboration with Cohort Study Sites, Cores, and Centers — of standardized procedures for Cohort Study Site collection and processing of biospecimens according to the ECHO Cohort Protocol.

5. Please clarify the scope of the term “participant-facing instruments” that Measurement Core should “provide translation into Spanish and other languages as needed”?

Participant-facing instruments comprise all assessment instruments, including data collection forms, to which participants will provide written or verbal responses.

6. How do you define diverse populations?

The term "diverse populations" includes health disparity populations as defined by NIH.

7. Can applicants use a Multiple Principal Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) option?

Yes, multi-PD/PI (MPI) applications are allowed. Please refer to the NIH website for more information on applying with MPIs.

8. Will the Measurement Core be responsible to pay for the proprietary measures that are a part of the ECHO Cohort Data and Biospecimen Collection Protocol?


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9. Is there a budget cap in years 2-7? The FOA mentions a total cost cap of $3.5 million only in year 1.

Yes. Assume a total annual cost of $3.5 million for all budget years.

10. Can anyone applying as a Principal Investigator for the ECHO Measurement Core also apply to a Cohort Study Site FOA as a Principal Investigator?

No. Persons applying as a Principal Investigator for the Measurement Core can apply to an ECHO Cohort Study Site FOA as a Co-Investigator but not as Principal Investigator. Likewise, persons applying as a Principal Investigator for an ECHO Cohort Study Site can apply to the ECHO Measurement Core FOA as a Co-Investigator but not as Principal Investigator.

New FAQ as of October 27, 2022

11. Has the application due date changed for RFA-OD-22-020?

No. Due to an initial system error that NIH has now resolved, the NIH changed the application due date only for RFA-OD-22-017.

The application due date is still November 21, 2022, for RFA-OD-22-016, RFA-OD-22-018, RFA-OD-22-019, RFA-OD-22-020, RFA-OD-22-021, and RFA-OD-22-022.

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