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The ECHO Program Office released a Request for information (RFI) on April 22, 2021 titled “Request for information on enhancing the science for the Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes program” under notice number NOT-OD-21-108 and extended under notice number NOT-OD-21-129. The purpose of the RFI was to gather input from stakeholders throughout the extramural scientific community and general public regarding the enhancement of ECHO science. The RFI closed on June 08, 2021 after being open for 47 days. ECHO received a total of 23 comments. The linked pdf below summarizes key information provided from the responses about how ECHO could enhance its science. Common themes among the RFI responses included the importance of the ECHO program; reducing burden on ECHO participants and staff; potential engagement strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse study populations; and whether to expand ECHO’s scientific focus to include the preconception period.

Compilation of RFI Responses

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