NIH ECHO Program Hosted Return of Individual Research Results to Participants Virtual Workshop on March 16–17, 2023

On March 16–17, 2023, ECHO hosted a virtual workshop on the Return of Individual Research Results to Participants to identify principles and best practices to ethically and feasibly return individual research results to participants in large-sample studies that include pregnant women and children. Over 500 registrants heard 16 expert speakers and discussants present their work on the history and principles of returning individual results, the value of results to participants, the selection of which results to return, and how to return individual results.

Workshop themes included:

  • What are the principles and best practices for returning results to pregnant people and children that differ from those of other participants?
  • How can the workshop facilitate equity in return of individual results?
  • Most research on returning results focuses on genetics results; how can we broaden inclusion to additional data like other bioassays, physical measures, and self-reports?

Additional information about the speakers, presentations, and workshop agenda is available.

Recordings of the workshop sessions can be viewed using the following links: 

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