October 27, 2022

NIH ECHO Program Office Extends Funding Opportunity Due Date: ECHO Pregnancy Cohort Sites, RFA-OD-22-017

Due to an initial system error which the NIH has now resolved, the ECHO Program Office has extended the application due date for RFA-OD-22-017 (ECHO Pregnancy Cohort Study Sites) to November 29, 2022. See NOT-OD-23-007 for more detail.

The application due date of November 21, 2022 still applies to all other open ECHO FOAs (RFA-OD-22-016, RFA-OD-22-018, RFA-OD-22-019, RFA-OD-22-020, RFA-OD-22-021, and RFA-OD-22-022).

If you have questions, please reach out to the appropriate point of contact below. 

NIH Program Office Points of Contact

FOA Contact
ECHO Pregnancy and Pediatric Cohort Study Sites (Limited Competition), RFA-OD-22-018; ECHO Pediatric Cohort Study Sites (Limited Competition), RFA-OD-22-019; and ECHO Pregnancy Cohort Study Sites, RFA-OD-22-017 S. Sonia Arteaga
ECHO Coordinating Center, RFA-OD-22-021 Susan Laessig
ECHO Data Analysis Center, RFA-OD-22-022; ECHO Measurement Core, RFA-OD-022-020 Christina Park
ECHO Laboratory Core, RFA-OD-22-016 Manjit Hanspal

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