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A cornerstone of UNITE is collaboration through sharing and discussing relevant data and salient topics with stakeholders. At our regularly scheduled events, UNITE presents the latest data and ideas on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the biomedical workforce and in research, and features leaders from the NIH community as well as other experts from the biomedical research community. For more information on upcoming events and to view presentations from past events, see below.

Upcoming Events

New UNITE Events 

  • UNITE Workshop

Thursday & Friday, July 18-19, 2024 | Hybrid Event

Join an NIH workshop on ways to address the health impacts of structural racism. On July 18-19th, 2024, the NIH UNITE initiative will host a hybrid (NIH campus and online) workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Understanding and Addressing Structural Racism and Health. The workshop will bring together researchers, clinicians, and community organizations to explore what is known about structural racism and health and collaboratively identify:

  • Methodologies and measures for studying structural racism and health disparities
  • Consequences of structural racism that affect health
  • Strategies for productive cross-disciplinary partnerships
  • Interventions to address the impact of structural racism on health

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Upcoming DEIA Events Across the NIH​​​​​​​​​

Past UNITE Events

  • From December 1, 2021 through February 1, 2022, UNITE hosted 14 listening sessions with external stakeholders who work and serve in diverse settings. The insights shared provided valuable information on the full range of issues and challenges facing diverse talent and will help develop UNITE priorities and an action plan. Topics of interest included changing culture to promote equity, inclusivity, and justice; improving policies, transparency, and oversight; strengthening career pathways, training, mentoring, and the professoriate; ensuring fairness in review and funding deliberations; enhancing funding and research support for diverse institutions and historically under-resourced research areas; and structural racism in the biomedical research enterprise. High-level summaries of each session are forthcoming and once final, will be added to the corresponding listening session.
    • UNITE External Listening Sessions – Executive Summary | Summary Report
    • Listening Session – Colleges and Universities
      December 1, 2021 | Summary
      February 1, 2022 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Historically Black Colleges and Universities
      December 2, 2021 | Summary
      January 11, 2022 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Foundations and Professional Societies
      December 6, 2021 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Tribal Nations and American Indian / Alaska Native Communities
      December 7, 2021 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Faith-Based Organizations and Houses of Worship
      December 8, 2021 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Minority-Serving Colleges and Universities
      December 9, 2021 | Summary
      January 12, 2022 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Nonprofit Organizations, Community-Based Organizations, Advocacy Organizations
      December 14, 2021 | Summary
      January 18, 2022 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Health Centers and Systems
      January 13, 2022 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Students and Trainees
      January 26, 2022 | Summary
    • Listening Session – Research Staff (Assistants, Associates, Technicians)
      January 27, 2022 | Summary

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Past DEIA Events Across the NIH​​

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