UNITE-Related Funding Opportunities

Below is a listing of notices of funding opportunities and other funding mechanisms that have emerged from UNITE:

Research With Activities Related to Diversity (ReWARD) program (PAR-23-122). This program aims to enhance the breadth and geographical location of research and research-related activities supported by NIH. The program supports the health-related research of scientists who are making a significant contribution to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and who have no current NIH research project grant funding.

Instrumentation Grant Program for Resource-Limited Institutions (RLI-S10, PAR-23-138). This program aims to enhance research capacity and educational opportunities at resource-limited institutions by providing funds to purchase modern, scientific instrumentation.

DEIA Prize Competition. NIH is accepting submissions for the NIH Institutional Excellence in DEIA in Biomedical and Behavioral Research Prize Competition—a new initiative to reward academic institutions that have developed and implemented effective strategies for enhancing DEIA in their research environments. Applications will be accepted until September 26, 2023.

STrengthening Research Opportunities for NIH Grants (STRONG) (UC2, PAR-23-144).The STRONG-RLI program aims to support research capacity needs assessments by eligible Resource-Limited Institutions (RLIs). The program will also support the recipient institutions to use the results of the assessments to develop action plans for how to meet the identified needs.

This page last reviewed on April 20, 2023