As UNITE launched in 2021, NIH published a request for information (RFI) seeking input on strategies to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout all facets of the biomedical research enterprise, as well as expand research to reduce and eliminate health disparities and inequities. This request was met with a robust response of over 1,100 submissions from organizations and individuals. The RFI prompted comments in the following three topic areas (plus welcomed further ideas): 1) All Aspects of the Biomedical Workforce, 2) Policies and Partnerships, and 3) Research Areas. Analysis of the RFI responses yielded five key topic areas and six cross-cutting themes.

We invite you to explore this RFI report—developed in collaboration with UNITE U Committee members, NIH staff volunteers, and third-party consultants—to learn more. 

Since the RFI was released in 2021, NIH as undertaken many activities relevant to the input gathered through the RFI. Check out the UNITE Progress Report.

Finally, there is more to come, as described in the forthcoming NIH DEIA Strategic Plan.

This page last reviewed on December 6, 2022