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One focus of the Trans-NIH ME/CFS Research Working Group is to increase the quantity and quality of applications for research on the cause, diagnosis, underlying mechanisms, or treatment of ME/CFS. Investigators are strongly encouraged to consult with the Scientific/Research Contacts for the area of science for which they are planning to develop an application. Early contact provides an opportunity for Institute or Center staff to discuss the proposed scope and goals and to provide technical assistance, information, and guidance on the NIH application process.

Understanding NIH Funding

Research Resources

  • UK ME/CFS Biobank
    The UKMEB is the first ME/CFS-specific biobank in Europe and one of the first in the world. Using a rigorous and consistent set of scientific protocols, UKMEB has collected over 30,000 aliquots of blood from individuals with ME/CFS and multiple sclerosis (as well as healthy controls). It is supported in part by a grant from NIAID.
  • NIH NeuroBioBank
    The NIH NeuroBioBank is a network of brain and tissue repositories that collects and distributes human post-mortem brain tissue, including biospecimens from individuals with ME/CFS. The networked brain and tissue repositories distribute thousands of samples per year to the research community studying neurological, developmental, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Common Data Elements (CDE) for ME/CFS
    CDEs are data standards that can be used in clinical studies and clinical trials for ME/CFS.

Research Tools

    A database of privately and publicly funded clinical trials from around the world.
  • mapMECFS
    mapMECFS is an interactive data portal providing access to research results across many biological disciplines from studies that are focused on advancing our understanding of ME/CFS.
  • searchMECFS
    searchMECFS is an interactive search tool for navigating biospecimens available for research purposes from studies of ME/CFS.
  • NIH-Supported Data Sharing Repositories
    To help researchers locate an appropriate repository for sharing or accessing data, the NIH maintains lists of data sharing repositories. mapMECFS is listed as a domain-spcific repository.

FDA Resources

For the ME/CFS Community

We encourage people who have been diagnosed with ME/CFS to take an active role in the research process. Below are some available resources for people who are interested in participating in a clinical trial or clinical study, seeking published results of previous studies, and contacting appropriate healthcare professionals.

To find a clinical trial or clinical study that is enrolling individuals with ME/CFS, conduct an advanced search on Enter "myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome" in the search term.

ME/CFSnet Webinar Series

The Community Advisory Committee for the ME/CFS Research Network developed a webinar series to provide updates about ongoing reseach and tools developed during the first four years of the research network. Each video features a 30-minute presentation about each research center followed by a Q&A.

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