February 28, 2020
Bridging Sound and Science: Music’s Role in Healing

February 11, 2020
Meet the singing nurse who helps heal patients with her voice

December 6, 2019
Scientist wants to help people with hearing loss gain access to music

December 6, 2019
USC research reinforces music’s impact on the developing brain

September 28, 2019
NIH Bets $20 Million Music Can Heal Our Brains

September 19, 2019
NIH awards $20 million over five years to bring together music therapy and neuroscience

January 29, 2019
Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness Through Music

January 3, 2019
How Music Heals

July 24, 2018
Kennedy Center News Release: Music and the Mind – Shaping Our Children's Lives Through Music Engagement

July 23, 2018
Clear+Vivid podcast with Alan Alda: Renée Fleming and the Healing Power of Music

July 10, 2018
How the Brain Regulates Vocal Pitch

May 10, 2018
NIH scientists, arts experts take note of music’s impact on brain

April 24, 2018
CBS News: Renée Fleming discusses her broadway debut in Carousel and the Sound Health collaboration between the Kennedy Center and NIH

March 23, 2018
NIH/Kennedy Center Workshop on Music and the Brain: Finding Harmony

February 13, 2018
Stanford Medicine: Sound Health: A conversation with Renée Fleming

February 5, 2018
The extraordinary healing powers of music

December 19, 2017
Striking a chord, NIH taps the brain to find how music heals

July 20, 2017
Music and the Mind: A Conversation with Dr. Sheri Robb and Ben Folds

June 8, 2017
Music, Music Therapy and Neuroscience: Imagining Improvised and Intentional Collaborations

June 6, 2017
In Washington, an alliance between symphonies and scientists

June 2, 2017
The Soprano and The Scientist: A Conversation About Music and Medicine

June 2, 2017
Art Works Blog: Taking Note: NIH Director on Music & the Brain

June 2, 2017
JAMA: Sound Health: An NIH-Kennedy Center Initiative to Explore Music and the Mind

May 12, 2017
Seeking the 'Whys' and 'Hows' of Music

May 8, 2017
Charles Limb on Music, the Brain and Why We Need to Understand Creativity

May 3, 2017
Sound Health: Where Sopranos and Scientists Meet

April 26, 2017
Kennedy Center News Release: Music and the Mind — First Public Initiative of Kennedy Center and NIH’s Sound Health Partnership

February 13, 2017
Kennedy Center News Release: Sound Health — A new partnership with the NIH to encourage research into the links between music and wellness

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