Statements and Notices

June 11, 2020
Science Editorial: Combating sexual harassment

June 11, 2020
Guide Notice: Guidance Regarding Change in Status, Including Absence of PD/PI and Other Key Personnel Named in the Notice of Award

June 11, 2020
Office of Extramural Research and Office of Science Policy Blog: New Steps to Help Ensure Safe Work Environments for NIH-Supported Research

December 12, 2019
NIH Director’s Statement: Creating meaningful reforms to end sexual harassment in science

December 12, 2019
Presentation: Advisory Committee to the Director Working Group on Changing the Culture to End Sexual Harassment (Final Report | Executive Summary | Videocast)

March 26, 2019
Notice to NIH Grantee and Applicant Institutions on Sexual Harassment

March 25, 2019
Center for Scientific Review Blog: Ensuring Integrity & Impartiality in Peer Review

February 28, 2019
NIH Director’s Statement: Update on NIH’s efforts to address sexual harassment in science

September 19, 2018
NIH Director’s Statement: Additional information on sexual harassment policy at NIH

September 17, 2018
NIH Director’s Statement: Changing the culture of science to end sexual harassment

September 17, 2018
Office of Extramural Research Blog: NIH Policies to Address Sexual and Gender Harassment in NIH-supported Extramural Research

May 1, 2018
Notice to NIH Grantees: Clarification of NIH's Policy Regarding a Change in Program Director's/Principal Investigator's Status

December 13, 2017
NIH Director’s Policy Memo to NIH Staff: Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

December 13, 2017
Policy Statement for NIH Staff: Statement on Workplace Harassment

May 26, 2016
Notice to NIH Grantees: Revised expectations for prevention of discrimination and harassment in NIH conference grants

March 3, 2016
Nature Correspondence: Policy: NIH Push to Stop Sexual Harassment

September 8, 2015
Notice to NIH Grantees: Civil Rights Protections in NIH-Supported Research, Programs, Conferences and Other Activities

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